Tranås at the Fringe

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Onsdag 6 juli: Våra events framförs vanligen på svenska och engelska, men det kan även förekomma inslag av av både japanska och swahili. Vi har allt från föreställningar, poesiläsningar, workshops, stadsvandringar med mera. Så kom och doppa nyfikna tår i något nytt och spännande eller beskök dina favorituttryck, men framför allt kom och njut


Steve Huenneke
9:00 -9:30
English | Free
Tillsätt ett poetiskt ljudlandskap till din morgon.
Öppna ett nytt fönster på webbläsaren och
lyssna på poesi samtidigt som du avnjuter
I had a former life in the hinterlands of America
working first as a journalist and then as an
economics professor. I emigrated from the US
in May 2018 to begin a new life as a citizen of
Ireland. The real reason I write poetry now is
simple. Not to be published, but just to share
thoughts, memories and feelings about the
world, and to experience both the immediate
and long-lasting joy from creating, reading
and sharing poetry -- not under deadline,
but as a lifeline. Poetry is not a job, but it is
much more than merely a hobby. Sharing
is the perfect word to use here -- it is very
meaningful to bring my work done in solitude,
and see it become part of a literary collective.
And it is equally meaningful to listen to all
of the other poems which are read in each
session. I want to learn what everyone else
is thinking and feeling. I need to hear other
voices besides my own, especially now!

Litterär stadsvandring -
Magnus Grehn
11:00 - 12.30
Utgår från Biblioteket | Storgatan 22
Svenska | Gratis
Med början vid Tranås Bibliotek tar den
allkunnige bibliotekarien Magnus Grehn
deltagarna i litteraturresidenset och
allmänheten på en stadsvandring över Tranås
litterära marker.

Passion for Words -
Stephen Treharne
14:00 -15:00
Segersons Cafe | Missionsgatan 2
English | Free
Writing the Scape: Rural and Urban.
Stephen’s passion for poetry is deeply rooted
in the landscape of rural west Wales. A walk
in Gelli Aur in the Tywi valley is a restorative
and creative process. However he also finds
inspiration and stories in the built environment,
industrial, family and social history.

Film Screening: Being human +
14:00 - 16:00
Kultivera | Storgatan 17
English | Free
BEING HUMAN: A bunch of films showing
how difficult, sad, crazy, grand and terrific is
to be humans.
AWARENESS: Where do you choose to put
your conscience?

Workshop Astronaut / 2x2m
10:00 - 12:00
Kultivera | Storgatan 17
Intermedia workshop
Svenska | Engelska / Gratis | Free
Astronaut / 2x2m is a multimedia workshop
around the theme of the pandemic and its
impact on people’s daily lives, emotions,
and mental health. We will use the mediums
of modern dance and performance,
scenography, stop motion video, and literature
to express our own experiences during the
What had we felt and thought during those
days? What were the routines we had?
The imagined space is a room of 2x2m in
which we would try to stage those emotions
and thoughts. The outcome depends on
the participants, but it would be multimedia
work: performance and projections of video/
Everyone with an interest is welcome. No
prior experience is needed. We will work in
both English and Swedish.
Vänligen notera att programmet kan ändras och kompletteras
Håll dig uppdaterad på vår hemsida

Body Hair
15:00 - 18:00
Studio | Storgatan 49
Performing arts
English | Pay what you want
What does it do to you to parade your
insecurities, to showcase them, to accentuate
them? Through this performance Muñoz takes
an aspect of herself that has been hidden
from her own eyes and others, something that
has fascinated her for a long time, something
with lots of cultural significance: hair. Muñoz
own relationship with hair has always been
influenced by the gaze of others and the
gossip that comes from having “unwanted”
hair on a female-read body.

Piratenhuset | Storgatan 48
Mån - Fre Kl: 13 - 17
Lördag Kl: 11 - 15
• Astronaut / 2x2m
• Haiku i konst
• How To Be a Cyborg
• The Fragments
Tranås at the Fringe


16:00 - 16:30
Gapskrattet | Stadshusplan 1
Svenska | Betala det du vill
Hej Förresten! är en rörelsebaserad
teaterföreställning om vänskap identit och
isolering. Där blir barnens lek en mötesplats
och vägen till kommunikation. Föreställningen
är en hyllning till barns fantasi och förmåga
att skapa vad som helst ur ingenting. Skapad
under en tid när inget längre kunde tas för

The Clown on the Fifth Floor
16:45 - 17:45
Gapskrattet | Stadshusplan 1
Performing Arts - music
English / Pay What You Want
The Clown on the Fifth Floor is a music,
performance and visual art show that
transports the audience into a momentary
reality. The Fifth Floor, an isolated world on
the border between chaos and emptiness,
reality and fiction. The show embodies
Storm´s tumultuous relationship with reality.
Through explosive and dynamic musical
arrangements, lyrics, and visual art it tells the
story of a creature that just wants to know
if they were the hero, or the villain, or just a

Do You Hear?
18:00 . 18:15
Gapskrattet | Stadshusplan 1
Performing Arts
English / Pay What You Want
”Do you hear?” is a cross disciplinary
performance of live music and dance. By
sampling the background sounds of our
home (cooking in the kitchen, using the toilet,
cuddling in a blanket), we present a semiimprovised
dialogue between the dance
and the musician with various emotional
expressions. We aim to give these sounds
new interpretations - How does the body
respond to the sounds of the house? Is he
influenced by them for a pleasant dance or
accompanied by inner restlessness?

Ariadne of Crete
18:00 - 19:00
Teater JARMO | Ängarydsg. 10
Performing Arts
English / Ticket, pay what you want
Ariadne of Crete is a one-woman puppet
show about love, labyrinths and lost identities.
It’s mixing the antique myth of Ariadne with
Dionysos - the god of theatre and pleasure,
Lapland with palace of Knossos, from being
in love with a bull with being an underdog. On
stage we see one puppeteer, a lot of strings
and puppets made of wool. Some great
manipulation and not so great ventriloquism,
trying to get its creator out of her corona-tumb
and the spectators to laugh and cry.

Francesco NCHIKALA power trio
18:15 - 19:15
Gapskrattet | Stadshusplan 1
Performing Arts - music
French/Swahili / Pay What You Want
FRANCESCO NCHIKALA — singersongwriter-
guitarist — from the DR Congo
(Katanga), presents his “Katanga roots
’n beats” project. A music full of energy
and humor, with songs always engaged in
Kiluba, Swahili and French .Inspired by the
ethnic music of Katanga, this project aims
to promote a forgotten rhythms of Katanga.
He is accompanied by Angelo Moustapha on
drums and Clariste Guedegbe on bass.


19:30 - 20:30
Teater JARMO | Ängarydsg. 10
Performing Arts
English | Ticket 50kr
Cartwheeling into the fabric of space-time,
Navigate reshapes the universal feeling
of being an outsider. Shadow puppets,
movement and soundscape construct the
fantastic journey of a mysterious pirate
captain off the edge of the world. This show is
for people who feel like science isn’t for them
and for all of us figuring it out on our own.And
of course, the lesson is that we aren’t actually
alone. You need a crew to navigate a magical
sailing ship through outer space. So welcome

Två män i en dambob
Ban Thai | Storgatan 8
Scenkonst - Musik
Svenska / Gratis
Damboben återkommer till the Fringe och
bjuder på en musikalisk odyssé där de
spinner loss i sina vansinneskupletter. Under
färden bjuds det på en häxbrygd bestående
av svartvit pilsnerfilm doppad i en industriell
ljudkuliss som mynnar ut i en veritabel
skrämma-hästar-i-sken kakafoni. Ett band för