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Residency and exhibition

In connection to the "European Cultural Heritage year 2018" Tranås municipality and Kultivera are now welcoming applications from contemporary artists for a themed artistic residency programme and exhibition using the cultural heritage of Tranås – a small town in Småland with approximately 19 000 inhabitants, as a focal point.

Please read the information below.


The project will focus on creating contemporary art in response to the Working Life Museum in Tranås called Pälsmuseum (Fur museum).

Tranås was renowned for its thriving industrial fur production during the 1890s to about 1980 but the industry turned out to be too expensive as the fur traders couldn’t compete with much cheaper synthetic garments. Fur production today is mainly located in China, where there are no legal penalties for poor animal husbandry.

Criticism of the fur industry led to a decline in educated furriers. One of Sweden’s few furrier schools was located in Tranås, but it shut down due to lack of interest in the profession. The leather manufactures, which in the 1960s had several hundred employees disappeared - one after the other. Today there is only one manufacturer left with about twenty employees.

The cultural heritage of this period can be experienced in the museum which opened in 2004. The museum exhibits the processes of fur making – from tanning the hides to the chemical treatments and the manufacture of clothing.

The display has a reconstructive character, with life sized mannequin dolls placed in a mock industrial environment. Several different types of fur are on display and the history of the fur industry in Tranås is thematised.

The collection is owned by the Pälsklubben association, who are also responsible for it. There are multifarious perspectives connected to the theme of fur such as the industry itself, animal rights and violence, fashion design and sustainability, social status, fur as a protective layer, labour, economy, urban development, among many others - and it is up to the artist what approach he/she shall adopt for the residency.

The exhibition will mainly be displayed in a room used for temporary exhibitions. Interaction with, or rearrangement, of the objects in Pälsmuseum might be possible but will have to be discussed with Pälsklubben. The Pälsmuseum has not altered its exhibitions since it opened and the purpose of the residency is for the artist to take the theme of the exhibition into a new perspective and create a thought provoking commentary on its current content.

Images of the Pälsmuseum can be found here.


You are invited to apply by submitting your information and the following documents by 12 March.

Information required:

  1. Filled in Application Form
  2. CV (1 pdf file, max 2 pages)
  3. Exhibition Proposal (1 pdf file)
  4. Portfolio (1 pdf file, not exceeding 7MB)

Please include your last name in each filename (e.g.: Smith_portfolio.pdf)

Practical information

Residency dates: 27 July 2018 - 26 August 2018

Exhibition opening: 25 August 2018

A selected artist will be granted: a studio room, living space, food allowance, an exhibition fee of 5700 SEK for one month and a modest amount for material costs. The selected artist will be responsible for his/her international travel and health insurance costs. Domestic travels with public transport upon arrival and departure from and to airport/train station to the residency in Tranås will be covered.

Artists must be able to cooperate by providing images and documentations (photography, interviews etc), participate in public programs (talks, outreach programs, workshops etc), and must stay in Tranås during the designated time of the residency.

It may be possible for the artist to incorporate already finished work into the exhibition, to complement the residency production. Transportation of works would have to be agreed upon discussion.

The exhibition will be curated by Katarzyna Pagowska from Kultivera and Sofia Östlund from Tranås municipality and will be on view in Eriksbergs museum.




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